Quick and Easy Guides to Apply Makeup


Quick and Easy Guides to Apply Makeup

According to a famous saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Natural beauty is really refreshing, that is also true. The people will say that it is no longer natural beauty if you apply makeup. This is a wrong concept because make-up will enhance your beauty and will emphasize your assets. You will still have your natural beauty if you apply make-up naturally. For you to be able to know proper ways on how to apply make-up so that your asset can be enhanced, follow these simple steps that I am providing. Let us start with the makeup materials that are needed.

Materials to be used:
• Concealer
• Make-up brushes
• Water proof mascara
• Foundation cake
• Eye shadow
• Blush-on
• Lipstick
• Lip shiner
• Eye brow powder

Then follow this step by step process in applying make-up:
• Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than the foundation that you are going to use. Make sure that you apply concealer under your eye circles, and into your blemishes. If you notice that your concealer tends to cake then you need to apply an eye cream first before you can apply a concealer for better result.
• Select a foundation that matches your complexion. Make sure that the shade of your foundation matches your skin to see a better result. Do not apply it immediately on your face by using a makeup sponge or even your fingertips, if your face is not yet fully covered with the foundation. You need to apply the foundation on that central part of your face.
• Loose or press powder is very important. You need clear magnetic eyeliner for lashes to apply loose or press powder so that the foundation will last longer on your face. Loose or pressed powder can be very handy especially if you are traveling. Having loose or press powder allows you to retouch anytime.
• Next, apply powdered eyebrow shadow on your brows. It is recommended to use powdered eyebrow shadow because it will just blend on your skin that will give you a natural look. Unlike eyebrow pencil that looks very unnatural. Use a brush that is hard and slanted in applying powdered eyebrow shadows.
• Then applying eye shadow. Always remember the color concept of eye shadows: light, medium and dark. Apply a fairly thin line on your upper lid for a dark eye shadow. The medium shade is for the crease and the lightest shade should be applied under your eyebrow.
• Next is how to apply eyeliner. If you want to have a dark look across the upper lid then you need to line it all the way to achieve the look that you wanted.
• Mascara application needs to be in your lower and upper lashes.
• In order to have a perfect blush on applied on your cheek. You need to smil

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